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Pilates Teacher Training

For people who are interested in a fitness, health and wellness career or for people who want to be trained properly and expand their services.


Work 1-on-1 with Marie Hayden to learn the most effective techniques that will improve the health of your clients.


Start by learning Mat Pilates and you can choose to continue and learn Reformer Pilates. View full course outline here.

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Private Pilates

1-on-1 pilates sessions, escape to your private space while receiving individualized attention.


Your sessions may also include consults for food sensitivities, hormone and thyroid wellness, pelvic floor/incontinence, physiotherapy integrations, injury rehab, meal plans and strength training.

Are you wondering if pilates is a good fit for you situation? Contact Us to learn about what our instructors have to offer.

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Therapeutic Pilates

Therapeutic Pilates begins with an initial assessment with Shawn Hayden.


Subsequent sessions are facilitated with an integrated approach with Shawn Hayden as a form of exercise rehab.

Our Clinical Pilates includes a series of mobility, fascia release and Rehab Pilates exercises designed specifically for your body’s needs. Sessions focus on the basic principles of breathing, spinal alignment, shoulder & neck placement and deep abdominal connection.


We are able to modify exercises as required to accommodate your needs. Our goal is to build core stability, improve balance, increase strength, and flexibility for improved body alignment. Our Therapeutic Pilates has proven to enhance your recovery time and further your progress.

Please contact us and we can assist you in booking your  appointments.


  • Mobilize and stabilize problematic joints (back, neck, hip, shoulder, knee, ankle)

  • Reduced joint, muscle and nerve pain

  • Enhanced postural alignment

  • Increased flexibility & freedom of movement 

  • Improve core strength and stability 

  • Greater body awareness

  • Fall prevention with improved balance