Healthy Food

Health Coaching

Hair mineral analysis testing, food intolerance/allergies, intermittent fasting, weight loss, pre/postnatal, peri-menopausal, (post)menopause, meal planning, weekly accountability.


Marie Hayden will provide you with a wealth of knowledge to assist you on your path to wellness. Your sessions are available via Zoom.


ReNEWU Transformation Program

Marie has developed a 12-week program for people interested in removing common food intolerances and improving all areas of health and wellbeing. To learn more about what’s involved in this program, view the outline here: Average weight loss 20+ pounds.

ReNEWU Accelerated Program

Looking for a simple way to get on track with how you eat. Marie’s advanced programming customizes your eating plan to best regulate your blood sugar.


By clearing the liver and tissues of stored sugars your body is able to shift to fat sources for fuel. Our bodies were designed to consume food for nourishment. Reclaim your health by learning how to eat for pleasure while optimizing your health.


This easy to follow program works around your lifestyle. It’s time to ditch weighing foods, counting calories and stressing over diet plans.


Eliminate your limiting beliefs as Marie works with you to reframe the way you approach eating. Marie will guide you weekly through scheduled checkins, email and zoom consultations, plus she has multiple recipe ebooks for easy preparation.